Dark Forces

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II [PC – Beta]

Our reader Drake Lake has made us notice that in the ATMachine website (a page that we have seen for the various beta Monkey Island / LucasArts adventures) there are even lots of informations about removed scenes and beta stuff from Jedi Knight, a first person shooter released in 1997 by LucasArts. In those screens we can see different cutscenes and different and removed weapons.  You can check the original page for more informations and images. It even seems that in the beta versione there were a ride-able enemy creature, ‘tusken’ raiders on a sort of hovering motorcycle vehicle, and a supposedly planned ‘racing’ level which took place after Kyle Katarn escaped his father’s home/sewer system, but they are not yet confirmed as removed content.

Thanks to Drake Lake for the link and props to ATMachine for his archive!