Cinematix Studios

Renegade Zero [PC PS2 – Cancelled]

Renegade Zero is a cancelled action game / third person shooter that was in development in 2001 by Cinematix Studios for the Playstation 2 and PC.  We can read some more info in an old press release:

They hired the six most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy to find “Renegade Zero”, an outlaw so dangerous that only a few people in the galaxy know of his existence. But with this kind of a job, you’ve got to watch your employers, and your partners, or you’ll be taking one in the back.

Renegade Zero is an action adventure shooter for the PC, Mac Playstation 2 featuring dynamic changing gameplay, fast action, a deep storyline, exploration, and adventure. Renegade Zero introduces a new level of realism and detail to it’s visual design and artwork, and expressive 3D characters with unmatched realism.

Cinematix was working on 3 games in 2001 / 2002, but they had to close down after a while, maybe for the lack of a publisher interested in their projects. Renegade Zero, Hirelings and Tankers: Smoking Barrels were all cancelled and vanished with the closure of the studio.

Thanks to derboo for the contribution!


Hirelings [PS2 PC – Cancelled]

Hirelings is a cancelled fantasy platform game that was in development in 2000 by Cinematix Studios for the Playstation 2 and PC. As we can read on MobyGames, Cinematix was founded by Jong Yoon and Ben Cooley in 1993, and has released only two PC games: Total Mayhem (Published by Domark in 1996), and Revenant (Published by Eidos Interactive in 1999). After those titles, the studio was working on Hirelings and Renegade Zero, but neither of them was ever released. Cinematix had to close down after a while, probably for economic issues.

Thanks to derboo we were able to preserve some images from the game, found in Korean mag PC Power Zine (October 2000 issue) and from Cinematix’s old website though the Wayback Machine.