5 Interesting Video Games Topics for Your Final Exam Essay

Video games are infiltrating every aspect of life. They present a point of interest and concern for all disciplines including medicine, sports, finances, sociology, and IT among others. You are, therefore, likely to encounter a requirement to write an essay on video games in any discipline (and should I ask someone to write my papers for me?).


One of the most important aspects of essay writing is choosing a topic. The topic sets the tone for your paper and will dictate the perspective you take in your writing. It also captures the attention of potential readers, raising your profile in academic circles.

Choosing a topic for your essay determines your overall writing experience. You can avoid the hustle of writing the paper by hiring professional custom dissertation services online. The writers help you to produce the most compelling paper in days.

A good topic will give you the best writing experience. But what makes a good essay topic? Here are the factors to consider.


A relevant topic addresses the prevailing issues in the discipline. In the case of video games, you must consider the issues developers, players, parents, and other stakeholders are worried about. Your duty when writing the essay is to help these stakeholders to find a solution.

A relevant topic also means that it is within the scope of your discipline of study. For instance, a medical student can study the mental or physical health effects of video gaming while a finance student focuses on the profitability of video gaming. A reader picking your paper from a shelf with business-related materials, for example, will find the topic relevant.


Have other writers written on the subject? Are you copying the ideas of other people in your work? An original idea will attract the attention of readers because it promises new information and solutions. Read widely to see the ideas that other writers have explored. You can combine different perspectives to come up with a new approach.

Original ideas are always refreshing and interesting to read. You get the ideas from news items, research recommendations, or personal initiatives. Because original ideas break new academic grounds, such a topic will raise your profile in academic circles.

Here are five of the most original topics on video gaming

  1. Video gaming career
  2. Advantages of video games in education
  3. Preventing video game addiction
  4. Video games and technology literacy
  5. Sociology of video gaming

An original idea can handle a subject that has been discussed previously. To achieve the writing goals, you must find a new perspective to the discussion. It adds a fresh twist to an old discussion, making it more interesting.


Each subject is wide and can be viewed from multiple perspectives. For instance, video games can be viewed as a relaxation activity, business, innovation, or technology, among many other perspectives. You cannot cover all these perspectives in a single paper. Choose a specific point of view for your paper.

A specific topic sets realistic expectations for the reader. For example, a reader knows that the discussion will center around the fitness effects of extensive gaming hours. Avoid a narrow subject such that you run out of materials midway through the discussion. It should also not be too wide to result in a narrow discussion.


Academic discussions should not be boring. Choose an interesting perspective for your essay. Use words that promise an intellectually engaging discussion. Such words, phrases, and subjects attract more people to read your paper.

An interesting video game topic can only be fresh and unique. Pick a subject within your discipline of study to make the discussion interesting. The topic will also be compelling if you choose a topic out of a passion for the subject.