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Halo Reach [XBOX 360 – Beta]

Halo Reach is Bungies fifth and final game in the Halo series. It is a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, it takes place during the final days of the human colony Reach before the Covenant glass the planet. The game follows the story of Noble Team, a 6 Spartan squad…

Halo 3: ODST [X360 – Beta]

Bungie initially conceived ODST as a small side project to produce in the lull between Halo 3‘s completion and Halo:Reach. Instead of featuring recognizable characters such as the Master Chief from previous games, the developers focused on the ODSTs. Story director Joseph Staten penned a detective story utilizing film noir…

[Video Article] Halo: Third Person Prototype

In this U64 Video Article, I comment on the evolution of Halo: Combat Evolved, primarily the third person prototype. Enjoy! You can check the Halo – Beta page for more early screens and videos.

HALO MMO (Titan) [X360 PC – Cancelled]

Our nice friends Robert Seddon and Batzarro have linked us to an intersting news that was spotted on Game Set Watch and Gamasutra, that talks about the find of some screenshots from “Titan Project”, an HALO inspired Massive Multiplayer Online game that was in development at Ensemble Studios, but was…

Halo 3: different logo concepts

During the developement of Halo 3, Bungie came up with different Halo 3 logos and posted a few of them in their website. Thanks to HBO for archiving the updates! [Image informations written by Frank O’Connor, former Bungie employee]