Sniper (1C Company) [PC – Cancelled]

Sniper (1C Company) [PC – Cancelled]

Sniper is a cancelled World War II First-Person Shooter developed by 1C Company in 2005, exclusively for the PC.

Very few information are currently available for this title. According to Gamepressure, the game took place in 1942 during the infamous battle of Stalingrad, as we play Russian sniper Vasiliy Zaitsev.

Sniper, which is apparently a codename for the project, was briefly mentionned by its developer at E3 2005 where a trailer was apparently shown. The game totally disappeared after that and was never mentionned again. Only a few screenshots and a potential cover art are, to this day, available to remember its existence. We can speculate that something didn’t work as planned and 1C Company had to pull the plug for this pretty obscure title.

Oddly enough, 1C Company (now Fulqrum Games) is still around today, but was always more a publisher than a developer. The studio has, for instance, its own video games retail chain, similar to GameStop, located in 22 cities inside Russia, named 1-C Interest.

If you know someone who worked on Sniper and could help us preserve more screenshots, footage or details, please let us know!


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