World Heroes 64 [Cancelled – Hyper Neo Geo 64]

World Heroes 64 [Cancelled – Hyper Neo Geo 64]

World Heroes is a cult-classic series of fighting games developed by Alpha Denshi (ADK) and released in the early / mid ‘90s  for the Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet. In 1997 SNK released the Hyper Neo Geo 64 arcade system as the successor of the MVS, a new 3D arcade board to play such games as Road’s Edge, Samurai Shodown 64 and Buriki One. It seems Alpha Denshi was planning a 3D “World Heroes 64” for the Hyper Neo Geo 64, but after some time it became clear the HNG64 would have not been able to compete with the more powerful Capcom, Namco and Sega 3D arcade boards so the project was canned.

As far as we know this “World Heroes 64” was never officially announced by the company, but it seems Japanese Neo Geo fans were able to get in contact with a former Alpha Denshi developer (?) who shared an early 3D model of Hanzo that he made for the game. If you know something else about this cancelled game, please let us know!

“I dared to make it so that the (Alpha Denshi) president would give up (this project).”

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2 thoughts on “World Heroes 64 [Cancelled – Hyper Neo Geo 64]

  1. Thiago F

    Why do people call everything a cancelled game?

    At gaming companies, people can do studies, prototypes, tests, before presenting a proposal to the top brass. Some ideas get greenlighted, others are required to re-create stuff before a real project can begun, while others are outright rejected.

    This isn’t (necessarily) an aborted game. It could very well be (and this is common) just some preliminary studies, for a project that never begun production in the first place.

  2. Andy

    It’s a shame ADK never moved forward with this. The ’64’ here may have been referring to SNK’s Neo Geo 64 arcade board, but ffs, they could’ve put this on the NINTENDO 64 and likely have found an audience. Fatal Fury Wild Ambition got a nice port to the PSX (underrated, honestly. Thankfully some guys like Justin Wong and Maxmilian are looking at it more recently and coming away more impressed) and got totally ignored in the sea of fighting games on THAT platform; if SNK put something on the N64, it would’ve been a standout. This could’ve – and should’ve – been that game. Takara’s ports of World Heroes 2 for both the SNES and especially the Game Boy were standouts; the series always had a nice home on the Nintendo systems. In some parallel universe, I hope N64 owners got World Heroes 64 and enjoyed it just as much as those games.

    Oh well. SNK never did make the best business decisions in their original incarnation…. or in their Playmore incarnation… here’s hoping the CURRENT 2017 iteration is a savvier company that learns from past mistakes, eh? If ever World Heroes makes a comeback

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