Survive: What lurks Around [PC – Cancelled]

Survive: What lurks Around [PC – Cancelled]

Survive is a First Person shooter that started development as a simple game created in ray casting game maker. The game was planned for release only on pc and Linux. As development went on the game kept getting sequels until I was bored of Ray casting game maker and started to look for more powerful game engines. The new engine chosen was FPS Creator.

This version was created in late 2014 and was completed within a month. As a result this build was very buggy and crashed upon walking down a corridor. It was a corrupt video file in the game that needed to be removed for the game to work. The game was uploaded to mediafire in that same month and only got 20-30 Downloads. The video (Including the download) was removed a year after. After this the game started development again in a different game development software called Game Guru. This game was called Survive: What lurks Around. This version of the game was made after a line said by DR. Trugar in the Late 2014 build of the game in which he said “For what lurks around won’t be around for much longer”. Creating the game was easy and with help from my friend I managed to get the game off the ground. But this game never got that far and got canceled shortly after.

The game was once again reworked to make it more of a horror game. This is the build of the game that is still in work to this day in the FPS Creator Engine. You can download the early prototypes from here.

Article by Thelighgod


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2 thoughts on “Survive: What lurks Around [PC – Cancelled]

  1. Sean

    Sorry, but I feel this is of little interest to the audience of Unseen64. It reminds me of when I was 12 or so and wanted to create a fully FPS all on my own, although I do think (unless those are all stolen graphics) that there’s definitely a good basis, just I dont think the first failings of an unknown name are of much interest.

    If it was an established developer, then okay, but I and from what I’ve seen I presume most others come here to see content we haven’t seen from game developers we know and love.

    1. monokoma

      you are right! We usually don’t publish this kind of “super indie” games, but sometimes we receive articles like this one (already written and ready to be published) and if we are in a good mood we publish them as a “memento” of all the infinite number of unseen indie games that will never see the light of day :)

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