Neverhood 3? [Concept – PC?]

Neverhood 3? [Concept – PC?]

The Neverhood is a point and click adventure game made by Doug TenNapel and released for PC by DreamWorks Studios in 1996.

Two years later a 2d platform game called Skullmonkey, which it was intended as a sequel of the first game, was created by the same developers for PSX.  It was a commercial failure, and so the IP was quickly forgotten by the producer.

However in 2012 sketches probably intended for a new game in the series appeared in a Neverhood fan forum. You can see those concept arts in the gallery below.


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2 thoughts on “Neverhood 3? [Concept – PC?]

  1. raymond halsrud

    I have a feeling these were early sketches for armikrog given it came out 3 years after these sketches appeared

  2. greenzo6

    before there was armikrog there was this! for year the fans where asking the creator to make another game. doug tried to make it. but however, the game was the rights to electronic arts. he tried and tried to negociate the company to create a sequel. thus he found another way out. and thus, armikrog was born.

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