Irisu Syndrome [PC – Unused Stuff / Concept Art]

Irisu Syndrome [PC – Unused Stuff / Concept Art]

Irisu Syndrome is a freeware game developed by a small developer group in Japan, a English patch about 1 year later the game was released.
The game consists to match up blocks with the same color making chains. As long you progress, a better story you might obtain. The game is classified as Puzzle and Challenging. And to many people, is considered as creepy.

The game have been making since 2006 (shows a hidden configuration file):

# 2006/02/19 by‚Ä‚Â
# œ–½—߈ꗗ

^Notice, buggy Japanese letters above
And many leftovers are present in the game, including, concept arts they used to make the game. Many of the game stories are based on the concept arts. There are 5 concept arts in total:

This seems to be a image previous than the first one. As it translated, it shows it’s not completed.

Edit: By the name of the file “irisukai_04.jpg”), it seems this file WOULD appear in the story mode (you can collect papers in metsu mode along you match good scores and chains). The other used files are “irisukai_01/02/03/05/06”.

If this unused rough is needed, I’ll finish it up.

Here shows design for the best pose of Irisu Kyouko in the title screen. However they didn’t specifically used the same pose. This also might shows the game could be different. In the title screen, she looks in a evil way and/or worried, depending how the story is completed. At the image there is a pillow, which is never shown in the story (except that her bash is made of pillows). The most close one used was the first one, she also swings the stocking in the final game.

At the left: Swing
At the right: An extra pose(?) kind of thing that probably wouldn’t work for the title.

The image shows an early development of Age Hatori. It seems she would use other clothes. The translation shows the character have a cute personality, as also the game consists in her birthday.

Age is also cute with [her hair] down~

This image shows Irisu Kyouko itself. It’s not much different as in the game. The translation shows the name of the game.

Irisu Syndrome!

This image is very interesting. It shows all the events that occurs in the game. Those are both used in image albums and the story itself.
The images shown below aren’t unused, they are to demonstrate the information.
As seen in the translation below:

  • Event 4 – To the Forest:

    4th image of the album.
  • Pier – The Island (or the Ocean) – Which goes together with even 1 that makes the story, they go from the house to the beach, as seen the “arrow” in the map.

    1st image of the album.
  • Event 5

    5th image of the album. Seems to be here, as it fits the map.
  • Event 3

    Seems to be here, it’s also the third picture of the album. And matches the map too.
  • 12:00

    In the game story, 12:00 is the time they wake up for the next day… So it’s the next event.

The game also have other information for the event map. In the “Curtain Rise.txt” (The game extracts TXT’s when you advance in the game), shows a plot:

Concept: On an island(?) the outbreak of a serial murder incident!!!

The actors are three people.

His role is to disappear first.

His role is to disappear second while going to search for Edo.

Her role is to remain until the end.

Shows the plot of the story and also matching with the event map image.

Between W(est) and N(orth):

Bridge Fence

Event 4

To the forest

Between N and E:


Something like a lone island

Between W and S:

Event 5
Light Source – 15PM

Event 6-7

Between S and E:

12:00 (or possibly 12 hours)

Event 1

Event 3
Light Source

Event 2

To the ocean

These are the concept arts. But, the game also contains unused stuff, and debug leftovers. None of the used files uses alpha, but some unused have alpha images.

Debug Leftovers
In the game .ini files, there is:

debug = 0
music_off = 0

Enabling to 1 doesn’t do anything, but there are debug leftovers in the game:

Seems to be a border or the background for the debug.

Number of chains. In the game, the sprite is way more well done and simple.

Score numbers. In the game, the sprite is also better and simple. Same as the Chains.

Simple clone of Windows XP cursor. The game was probably supposed to be full screen (there is no way to enable fullscreen, it’s windowed by default), and probably was used for debugging too.
Update: Pressing Alt+O enables the player load any replay, and the cursor shows up. Seems debug leftover, due there is no this combination isn’t on the readme or the wiki whatsoever.

Unknown, probably a placeholder or a hitbox debug sprite.

Unknown. Same as above.

Unused graphics
In the game, there are plenty unused graphics which they probably made accidentally (tough they are used in other places but with other colors, etc).

In Metsu Mode (you can enable reaching a determinate numbers of points) there are only Score and Start. The album is not possible to enter in the Metsu mode, tough the player can simply press in the bunny icon at the corner to change to normal mode and access the Album. However this sprite is not used.

Also in Metsu Mode, the logo is different with a blood spot in the logo. The default logo used in the normal mode is also present with darker color in the Metsu mode. It’s not used, but might they make for base into it.

It seems the game would have 2 special modes. The name of the file is title_back_ex2.png, the other mode is unknown, and probably was never made, only the background itself.

Would be used in the Good Ending. When Irisu tries to attack Age, it shows a scene (also with orange background and a dark way) which she is attacking her (with sounds). However this was supposed to be the last image, but it’s not used. Only a sound emitting a big explosion is used.

Unused Sounds
The game also shows plenty unused sounds found in the snd.dxa. The video below shows.
The last sound is a simple note, it’s not necessary unused.

Unused Sounds – Irisu Syndrome by gabrielwojcikiewicz

Thanks for gabrielwoj (article and findings), and divingkataetheweirdo/Joe/Gors/Friedslick6/cappazushi for help with the translations!

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