Metallica: Damage Inc [Cancelled Game – PS2]

Metallica: Damage Inc [Cancelled Game – PS2]

A game featuring the band Metallica was in development  by Black Label Games and it would have been published by Vivendi Universal Games for the Playstation 2. There is little known other than it was to be a racing gaming looking possibly like twisted metal type using vehicular combat game play inspired by metallica’s music with a new exclusive song from the band for the game.

Below you can also see a collection of concept arts from this game, created by calumalexanderwatt. Thanks to Kouban for the link!

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6 thoughts on “Metallica: Damage Inc [Cancelled Game – PS2]

  1. Nachoknight91

    i love the band much but making a game which based on a band or the band-name is most time a really bad idea . =/ in the 90s they put games from music groups which are famous at this times but still the games are really under avarage to unplayable .ok … def jam fight for NY and Brütal legend are a pretty good games but this still doesnt mean that now all games from music composers are great. and i think this game wouldnt be so good as it looks from the trailer . =/ but its just my oppinion . =)

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