Steambot Chronicles 2 (Bumpy Trot 2) [PS3 – Cancelled]

Steambot Chronicles 2 (Bumpy Trot 2) [PS3 – Cancelled]

Steambot Chronicles 2 (AKA Poncotsu Roman Daikatsugeki: Bumpy Trot 2 in Japan) is a cancelled steampunk sandbox / action mech game that was in development for the Playstation 3 by Irem, originally announced on September 2006, at the Tokyo Game Show. Steambot Chronicles 2 was officially canceled along with several other Irem games following the Japanese tsunami / earthquake in march 2011. It’s possible that Irem had already some problems with the development of Steambot Chronicles 2 and the natural disaster in Japan was just the nail in the coffin for this interesting project.

As wrote by Tollmaster on Mecha Damacy:

it seems that the original Steambot Chronicles is doomed to remain a one-off work of genius, an inexplicably deep and mold-breaking PlayStation 2 game where players finally got to see the civilian side of mecha. There was a living, breathing world outside the game’s mechanical boss battles and pitched tournaments; loading up lumber on your clunky steam-powered robot’s flatbed to help construct a bridge in-between playing the harmonica in a touring band and helping root out vast conspiracies seeking to control the world’s oil supply immersed you into something deeper than any other game has ever hoped to.



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10 thoughts on “Steambot Chronicles 2 (Bumpy Trot 2) [PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. Graham

    A damn shame. It blows that we’ll never get a true sequel to one of the better PS2 games, in an era where we need m ore unique games such as this.

  2. Zid

    Was really a shame this game got canceled, I was looking forward to it since it was announced. Loved the PS2 game, and beat it countless times. (Main story/quests I mean) Was such a fun and unique game. I hope some time they will pick it up again, though the chance is slim to nil. I would be happy with a game with the same premise/features though.

  3. Hendyy

    It’s just so sad to know that Steambot Chronicles 2 is officially cancelled by IREM :( I’ve played the first one, and it was so much fun! Around 2 years ago, I watch the Trailer of Steambot Chronicles 2 on YouTube. And it seems to be soooooo much better than the first one. That time, I was happy, but now, such a disappoint news from IREM for cancelling Steambot Chronicles 2 :( It’s just so sad to accept the facts that Steambot Chronicles 2 is officially cancelled! I just hope that IREM will re-think again about making Steambot Chronicles 2 so that every fans in the world will be happy :) So. please! If IREM is not going to release this game, not only just me, but all fans of Steambot Chronicles will be sad! May this game will be released soon :) Hope you gives up good news IREM!

  4. antonio salvador

    im also dissatisfied by irem also this dissission must be costly to them they have created a form of false advertisement and caused a distust between them and us the consumer i hope the plan to relese bumpy trot 2 or at least a demo to allow us the people to decide if its good or bad


    pls bring back the steambot chronicles its a nice game. IREM you pick a game that have a good story . so bring back steambot 2 …

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