Grease & Grudge (Road Race) [3DO – Tech Demo]

Grease & Grudge (Road Race) [3DO – Tech Demo]

Grease & Grudge (also known as Road Race) is a tech demo for a new racing game that was developed for the Panasonic 3DO, but they never released a title like that for the console. It is possible that this tech demo evolved somehow into Need for Speed, but for now it’s just a speculation. If you have more info about this demo, please let us know! Scans from Edge magazine 1 and 3.

Thanks to Pcloadletter and Celine for the contributions!


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10 thoughts on “Grease & Grudge (Road Race) [3DO – Tech Demo]

    1. monokoma Post author

      Wow, thanks a lot for the info Tim! What other games were in that “The Real Sampler” CD? Was it like a collection of demos? Really interesting :)

  1. Tim

    The whole CD is basically an introduction to the 3DO for new owners. It has three main sections: A hardware overview, “Diversions,” and “Screenings.” The hardware overview has a model of the system that you can spin around to see and hear about the system’s features.

    Diversions has a few random tech demos. One is Road Race, then there’s a little PGA Tour Golf game from EA (which seemed cool at first due to its impressive intro and menus, but I couldn’t figure out how to do anything other than drive the ball. I don’t think it’s fully playable.) There’s a shell game, and “Color Echo,” which is basically an interactive music visualizer without the music. There are also three cartoons: Thumbelina, an episode of 2 Stupid Dogs, and an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. The episode of Batman is, by far, the best thing on the disc!

    The Screenings section has videos and previews of a variety of early 3DO software. It’s kind of neat because the “menu” is a 3D room in first person view. You walk up to movie posters on the walls to start watching the previews.

    It’s kind of a neat disc — I bet it was pretty impressive to those who bought the 3DO early on!

  2. Celine

    Tim, can list wht it shows in the “screening section”?
    Just curious to know if maybe there is some unreleased stuff among it like Scorched Earth or World Builders Inc.

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