Lucifer [PC – Cancelled]

Lucifer [PC – Cancelled]

Lucifer (aka Farralin) is a cancelled a Action RPG with a gameplay similar to Diablo, that was in development in 1998 by Eclipse Entertainment as a collaboration with Electronic Arts Canada. The game was being prototyped in the Genesis 3D engine and the design called for randomly-generated dungeons featuring mini-bosses, permutation driven monsters, a deep item reward system and networked multiplay. Lucifer featured an ambitious design and state of the art (for the time) graphics, that could have made it to rival to games like Diablo II and Dungeon Siege.

Eclipse Entertainment created a small demo in a couple of weeks and EA was really impressed by their work, but ultimately the studio and the publisher were unable to come to deal terms that were mutually agreeable, so the game never moved beyond an early protoype and pre-production phase. After releasing a couple of golf games (Jack Nicklaus 5 and 6)  Eclipse Entertainment was closed down and Lucifer vanished forever with them.

Thanks a lot to Tim Fields and Bob Cooksey for the help in preserving more info and concept arts from their lost project!

Thanks to derboo for the scans (Power Play magazine 6/1998).


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