aMaze [Nuon – Cancelled]

aMaze [Nuon – Cancelled]

aMaze was among the first known titles to be announced for the NUON DVD game system but like most of the games announced for it, aMaze never saw the light of day. The premise was based upon those old marble balance board games where you tried to get a small ball to the goal, avoiding the many holes along the way. It also was notable at the time as the game employed real-time raytracing to draw objects such as the ball. The official description goes as follows:

aMaze is based on the classic board game that challenges you to tilt the board in order to roll a steel ball through a nerve-racking maze of trap holes. Simple in theme yet elegant in graphic nature, aMaze is best described as an overall experience that is highly addictive, yet surprisingly relaxing. From the outset, aMaze was designed to be attractive to all types of gamers – from hard core to mainstream. aMaze is an engaging game for everyone.

Some screenshots and a couple of videos can be found at NUON-Dome.

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