Brett Hull NHL Hockey [Jaguar – Beta / Unreleased]

Brett Hull NHL Hockey [Jaguar – Beta / Unreleased]

Brett Hull NHL Hockey was developed in 1994 by Accolade Inc. and Ringler Studios. There was going to be a version for both the cartridge and Jaguar CD add-on although they were never released in the Jaguar’s lifetime. To avoid licensing issues the name of the proto has been changed and released as “Jaguar Hockey”. This game became legendary to have the longest loading times out of all the other Jaguar CD games.

As we can read from the description of the video in viMasterJag’s Youtube Channel:

Brett Hull NHL Hockey is another unfinished game for the Atari Jaguar. We’ve been lucky to have it released in cartridge form, though, by B&C Computervisions.

Differences from this to the cartridge version include, but are not limited to, bug-fixes as well as full-motion-video cut-scenes.

Thanks to Adam for the contribution!


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6 thoughts on “Brett Hull NHL Hockey [Jaguar – Beta / Unreleased]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    I have passed on the internal messages between Ringler and Atari regarding this game, some very public spats between staff at both.

    What is of interest is how Ringler say Atari over promised regarding the Jaguar in terms of support Atari would give developers and more so the supposed power of the hardware when it came to rendering real time 3D.

    Leonard Tramiel suggesting it could render Lawnmower Man film sequences on the fly ????

    Look forward to the material going up and the source credited.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    By the time Brett Hull got into test, I was working really hard on CD
    and EPROM mastering as well as asociate producing for Rocky Horror, so
    I never got to see much of it. What little I did see didn’t impress
    me too much.

    Dan McNamee Atari

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Jeff Braun at Maxis said he is
    “noodling around” with a Jaguar development kit, but won’t commit his
    company to the expense of writing a game until more machines are sold.

    “You can assume a machine is viable once it sells about 500,000
    units,” Braun said, a goal Atari must hit in Christmas 1994, before
    competing machines get established.

    Braun’s assessment was echoed by Alam Miller, CEO of Accolade Inc. in
    San Jose. Accolade has licensed five popular sports games to Atari.
    But the cost of adapting those games to the Jaguar hardware will be
    borne by Atari, and Accolade will not write new software for the
    Jaguar until sales climb.

    “You have to weigh the estimates for success against the amount to be
    invested,” Miller said.

  4. Kevin W

    Neat to see. I was one of the programmers at Ringler Studios on both this and Brett Hull Hockey.
    Must have been Gary DuVall whom I met at the E3 years ago where he said he bought the prototypes, etc., of of Ed Ringler’s eBay.

    I wish us developers got that feedback back from Atari. Maybe the company did but I was already gone off to Interplay. Just just that Ed didn’t share it with us.
    While I was doing game dev, I always met it a point to personally meet with play testers when I could and encouraged the feedback.

    Yea Ed. Reminds I was working on a sound API for both games. Something simple where one could load in AIFF sound files (what Atari was already using with their MIDI sound setup et al) and Ed ran over hollering at me telling me stop working on it. Apparently, as I was told later, it was stipulated in the contract that Atari was supposed to provide us with sound samples. Ed was using it as legal leverage over Atari.

    Ed is still alive and well selling Volkswagens in Irvine CA these days.

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