Demon’s Souls [PS3 – Beta]

Demon’s Souls [PS3 – Beta]

Demon’s Souls is an action rpg developed by From Software and released for the Ps3 in 2009. The opening cutscene mentions a “Land of Giants” which archstone was destroyed in order to seal the demons that infested it. The broken archstone can still be seen among the others, and many fans of the game thought that this lost / beta scenario was going to be playable in a future DLC, but no additional content was ever made available.


Article translated in Russian thanks to Sergey Tyutin!


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5 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls [PS3 – Beta]

  1. JustPassingBy

    Just though I’d mention that the boss at 2:14 and in the picture above is Leechmonger not Armor Spider, and they appear in the same spot in the final game (the end of the first section of Valley of Defilement). :)

  2. Raddi

    im really looking forward to get this one. do you know if it is cut version in germany or uncut ? i rather have it in german but of course i dont wanna play a cut game. cant really find information about that an the internet

  3. Ed

    trying to get in on ebay but its pretty rare and expensive. but its just a matter of time till i will got it ;)

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