Siren: Special Edition [PS2 – Unreleased]

Siren: Special Edition [PS2 – Unreleased]

Siren is a survival horror released by Sony for PS2 in 2004. A special edition of the game was supposed to be released on 7th October of the same year, but it was suddenly canceled, probably due to the first version’s poor sales.

The special edition would have featured:

  • An easy mode
  • An new hint system that could be consulted before playing a level
  • An extra mode where a challenge was added in each level, such as playing with invisible or faster enemies, without the sight-jack,  using only the first-person view, time trials which had to be completed without being seen, and so on.
  • Complete profiles of all characters
  • A making-of documentary
  • An interview with the producer
  • A video about the event that was added in the western release.


It seems that Toyama was having fun playing the game as himself . Of course, this polygonal model was not used in the final version. More interestingly, we can see a mysterious text that says “over seventy characters” in the screenshot. It is unlikely that there were going to be so many characters in the game, but we don’t have any official explanation about this writing.

Thanks to sweetiecandypie for the contribution! Russian translation of this article thanks to Sergey Tyutin.


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