Kingdom Hearts 2 [PS2 – Beta]

Kingdom Hearts 2 [PS2 – Beta]

Kingdom Hearts 2 is an action RPG developed by Square Enix and published by Buena Vista Games and Square Enix in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. Superfun64 has noticed a beta screenshot from an old magazine article, in which we can see Donald and Goofy in the scene with the huge Heartless war battle, but they are not in there in the final game.

Also, in a beta video from Tokyo Game Show 2003 we can see a different Twilight Town, the removed Hollow Bastion Tower and various removed scenes, like one in which Donald freeze himself.

Yaz0r found out that there is a Woddy & Buzz (from Toy Story) model in the KH2 data. They are unfinished/untextured but it looks like they were planned as summons. They are in the middle of the other summons models, that’s why we can assume that they were planned as summons. During KH2 production, there were an issues between Disney & Pixar (especialy around Toy Story 3 and the deal they had signed together). It’s possible that Square scraped the Pixar stuff to prevent from beeing involved.

There are even more early screens at KH2 website, if you can find other beta images, let us know!

Thanks to Superfun64 and Yaz0r for the contributions!



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8 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 2 [PS2 – Beta]

  1. Coalar

    Here’s a good question – why was the huge Heartless battle nowhere near as cool in the game as it was in the trailer? I call an epic fail!

  2. monokiba:D

    Through the use of a cheating device, two palette swaps of the Ultima Weapon can be obtained in Kingdom Hearts II. These are the “Edge of Ultima”, a version of the original Ultima Weapon with a glitched appearance, and the “Detection Saber”, a palette swap of the original as well, except slightly larger. When these Keychains are accessed in Sora’s Items menu, no picture of the Keyblades are shown, only map icons.
    (from Kingdom Hearts Wiki)

    In his final battle, Xemnas was originally intended to use two forms other than the World of Nothingness—King (キング, Kingu?), which is humanoid and fittingly has a crown adorned with Nobody sigils, and Kentauros (ケンタロウス, Kentarousu?), a humanoid upper body fused with a quadrupedal lower body. Both of them appear to be created from Dark City, similar to the World of Nothingness.
    (also from Kingdom Hearts Wiki)

    An alternate version of Twilight Town’s theme, Lazy Afternoons, is present in the game data.

    Also some other unused models exist in the game code, many of them complete, such as Riku in his Kingdom Hearts attire and younger Riku in an Organization XIII cloak, as he appeared in the ending of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

    The scene where Roxas chases the thief is altered.
    Axel walks closer to the far wall in the scene before his fight with Roxas; as he approaches it, he looks back at Roxas and grins.
    Donald and Goofy are released from the Memory Pods in the Old Mansion’s basement; Donald fires a Blizzard spell which ricochets off the walls, hits him and freezes him in a block of ice.

    All of these are from KH Wiki :)

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