Turrican: Cyclone (Factor 5) [PS3 – Cancelled]

Turrican: Cyclone (Factor 5) [PS3 – Cancelled]

After finishing Lair, Factor 5 was working on a new Turrican game for the PS3, but as the partnership with SONY was later terminated when Lair was a critical as well as a commercial failure, the development of this new game was stopped. We dont have an official name for this game, and it’s labeled simply as “Turrican” or  “Project Cyclone” just because of the name of its artworks. Project Cyclone was put on hold still in early development and probably we’ll never see it again.

From the few artworks that remain, we can notice a character that looks a bit like an evolution of the one in Turrican and we can only wonder if this project was going to be a resurrection of the unreleased Thornado for the GameCube.

Thanks to Gone is Gone and Hey Hey for the contributions!


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6 thoughts on “Turrican: Cyclone (Factor 5) [PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. Julien GONIN

    I’ve been in touch with M. Chris Hueslbeck many years ago and he told me that while he didn’t knew anything about Thornado or any Factor 5 developpment progress, he told me that the team was blown away when they saw Metroid Prime on GameCube and wanted to make Turrican follow a similar path (knowing that Metroid was one of the games -alongside Mario and Psycho Nics Oscar- that inspired Turrican).

    I really wish this PS3 Turrican exist…

    Thanks a lot for this article !

  2. ross sillifant

    Given the quality of Factor 5’s last Rogue Squadron Game on G.C and Lair on PS3, i’d say they could deliver the goods on a technical level, but playability was lacking, sadly.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Julian Eggebrechet would be THE man to speak to.

    We know he/Factor 5 originally wanted to do the N64 version of Indy Jones/Infernal Machine on SNES using FX Chip originally, but it was’nt powerful enough, Thornado on N64 was his as well i believe, there’s so much Lost game info he could supply….

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Manfred Trenz, began work on a 3D Turrican in 2000, but project was scrapped, but he also has stated he feels putting game in 3D would change game too much, it would’nt be the same.

    He did discuss possibilities platforms like the GBA or DS threw up for a new, 2D Turrican, inc co-op mode on DS via wireless…

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