Flower, Sun & Rain [PS2 – Beta / Concept]

Flower, Sun & Rain [PS2 – Beta / Concept]


Flower, Sun, and Rain is a game developed by Goichi Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture: the game was originally released in Japan on the PlayStation 2  in 2001 with an enhanced Nintendo DS port that was released in Japan / Europe in 2008 and it’s scheduled to be released in USA in June 2009. FSR is  one of the weirdest, crazier, nonsensical and wonderful adventure games  ever, with a story that it’s like a mix between a David Lynch film, an episode of Lost and your favourite (or worst) mathematical problems from elementary school. You know, the usual Suda 51 storytelling style that we all love.

In early target renders / concept arts from the PS2 version we can see some interesting beta differences:

  • Sumio used a different kind of car.
  • Kusabi (the girl) never shows herself in a car-scene like this one.
  • The characters have a weird design, different from the final version.
  • There’s an unknown scene with 2 characters (Yoshimitsu Koshimizu and Remy Fawzil) that was never used in the final game. Also, the place does not look like any know area. In this picture the HUD looks like the one from the Silver Case games.
  • In general, these target renders don’t look like the final game.

Thanks to Topdrunkee for the contribution!



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3 thoughts on “Flower, Sun & Rain [PS2 – Beta / Concept]

  1. Topdrunkee

    There’s an unknown scene with 2 characters, that was never used in the final game. Is one of those supposed to be Takaoka

    That’s actually a man & a woman. They’re detectives from the Silver Case.
    Both of them are also in the retail release of FSR. (They’re the duo who are trying to bring to track down the shelter children facility, & arrest the Sundance.)
    The guy in glasses is Yoshimitsu Koshimizu. (He’s also in Silver Case 25 Ward.) The girl is Remy Fawzil.

    Judging from this pic.
    It looks as if FSR originally used the Silver Case style of presentation.
    Pictured here is a screencap
    I took from Silver Case where they talk about “Flower, Sun & Rain” before they’re all slaughtered by Uehara Kamui.

    So I suppose Suda decided to change FSR around a bit. That way he could save the (obvious) Silver Case connection as the final plot twist of the game. (The ending of the game implies that Tetsuguro Kusabi bailed Sumio out of jail after he was imprisoned for terrorism during Silver Case.)

    1. monokoma Post author

      Great! Thanks for the infos Topdrunkee, i knew that you would had like these :) I’m going to update the description in the page later, i wonder if we could be able to find more images from this early version, i think that those are scans from a Japanese Magazine and i’m almost sure that there could be even more.. if only we had those jp magazines :(

  2. Topdrunkee

    Kusabi (the girl) never shows herself in a car-scene like this one.

    If you ask me. She is not Kusabi at all. She looks more like Mika Kishi from Moonlight Syndrome. Which makes sense, because Yayoi Itsushima (Goes by Hanayama in FSR), the girl who indirectly killed Mika is also in FSR.
    I initially tried to post a comment that went into more detail about my stance, but this site kept marking my comment as spam.
    So I direct you to the post on your thread where I break it down as to why that woman is Mika Kishi, and not Toriko Kusabi.

    In conclusion.
    All of this adds up to my belief that the girl is Mika Kishi.
    This also puts more fuel to the fire of my belief that Toriko Kusabi is really some black op project made in the image of Kyoko Kazan.
    (Her death basically kick starts the timeline that Suda uses for most of his games.)

    Great man, now look what you did, hah hah.
    I thought it was bad enough that Killer 7 went through a lot of changes before it’s final product.
    I think it’s even worse now that you’ve made us aware that FSR also went through some severe changes as well, hah hah.
    This sucks, because not only do those beta shots look better than the final product, but it seemed to have a much more interesting story as well.
    The mystery of what exactly happened to Mika has been a question that’s been burning through many people’s minds since the ending of MS.
    I’m even making a fangame out of that subplot called Daydream Cafe.

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