World in Conflict [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

World in Conflict [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

World in Conflict was developed and released in 2007 by Massive Entertainment. They showed lots of trailers before the final release, and one of them shows some things that are different in the final game:

The first thing that we can notice is that the interface is different: instead of being grayish as in the final version, we see a more reddish interface, some could even call it “futuristic”. The “buy” interface has a function left out in the final game: when you click one of the units, it shows it in 3D in a window in the bottom right corner.

Another difference can be noticed at 1:51. The guy speaking says that before the battle starts you have 60 seconds to buy units before they engage. In the final version you only get 30 seconds to buy the units.

If you pause at 1:54 you can also see an overview of a map in the game (pause quickly, you only see the whole of it for like a half second). If you look closely you can see a dam on the left corner of the screen. Right of it in the middle there should be lots of trees with a lumberyard in the middle. In the beta version though there’s only a hill on the place the lumberyard should be and there’s a small amount of trees there. The road also goes a complete other way than in the final game; In the beta it goes up like a S, but in the final version, where the S begins, instead of going up it goes completeley down in a straight line.

You can also notice that the anti-tank units only wear their bazookas with one arm; In the final they hold the bazooka with both hands. Also, they walk somewhat girly, in the final game they run with their backs bended, like this:

Also, the tactical aid icons is somewhat different, nothing too different, even though you can see the nuclear bomb up in the corner which looks more like a normal mushroom than a mushroom cloud. Also, when you select a tactical aid you can see that the cursor changes into a nuke bomb that points down, in the final game the normal cursor is still there, but a red ring is circling around it.

When the guy begins to talk about the campaign a screen comes up that is never EVER seen in the entire final game. This could be a screen for the tutorial stage as it shows a projector playing up a video on a blackboard. Also, on the next screen after that you can see a character that doesn’t appear in the game in all of the game. This could be Parker, but he is never seen in the game (well, he is, but you never see his face, only his back).

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