Blood [PC – Beta / Prototype]

Blood [PC – Beta / Prototype]

Blood is a FPS developed by Monolith Productions and distributed by GT Interactive. Released for the PC on 31 May 1997, it utilized the first Build engine from Ken Silverman to feature voxels. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Conrad Coldwood has linked us to an interesting website, in which we can find “lots of downloads regarding Blood: early betas, official screenshots, leaks and press shareware. Binaries perfectly works under DOS Box and offer a very different game than the final release.”

Personally i have never played the final game, so i cannot find all the differences that there are in these early builds, but if someone would like to try to compare them to the final version and make a list of the changes, it would be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot to Conrad Coldwood for the contribution!


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5 thoughts on “Blood [PC – Beta / Prototype]

  1. Berq

    My college roommate and I played Blood co-op (over an IPX network connection) ENDLESSLY back in ’99 as a replacement for studying. The game was impossible alone, but with a partner you could respawn at the start of the level when you died (usually once every 20 seconds) and jump back into the fray. It was chock full of Army of Darkness references and massive amounts of fun.

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