Little Big Adventure 2 [PC – Beta]

Little Big Adventure 2 [PC – Beta]

Robert Seddon linked us to a couple of interesting pages with screens and informations about a beta version of Little Big Adventure 2, the sequel of the cult adventure game by Adeline Software International. In the Magicball Network forum you can see a gallery full of screens from an early version of LBA2, while in this interview we can read that in the 1996 pre-release version of the game there were some drastic differences from the final version. Examples include the ferry being in the style of the ferry in the original Little Big Adventure, Twinsen was supposed to wear a white T-Shirt, the woodbridge on Citadel Island being intact rather than broken, Emerald Moon having a Twinsunian blue sky, access to the top of the lighthouse and differences in the characters (mostly Zeelichians) – most notably the Franco guards seen on Twinsun after the invasion. [Infos from Wikipedia] About the beta-tshirt for Twinsen, Quetch from the MN communuty worked on a nice mod for the game, to restore the original look of the character: you can read more infos and download the file in here.

Thanks a lot to Robert Seddon for these links!



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2 thoughts on “Little Big Adventure 2 [PC – Beta]

  1. Anonymous

    It has a white tee in the FMV’s so no wonder it was intented to be that way.

    Awesome site guys, keep it up.

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