Casino Royale [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

Casino Royale [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

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3 thoughts on “Casino Royale [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    The curious thing about Telegames claims of the Hurricane destroying so much of their inventory, is that not long after, various lynx games were appearing after Telegames had sold them off privately and they showed minimal signs of damage, crushed boxes etc at worst ????

    Wonder how much Telegames had valued their inventory for insurance purposes? .

  2. The original coder

    The game had the following ‘games’ inside the casino.
    Roulette, Horse Racing and Bridge.
    We built some cheat words into it, choose the wrong one and it would take your money.

    It never was published as it was sent for approval at almost the exact same time Atari pulled the plug on the Jaguar.

    The game was written by three people. A coder (me), a designer and a graphics artist.

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