Battlewheels [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

Battlewheels [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

Battlewheels was a misterious project: the only image that remains is directly pulled from the Atari Jaguar box. It should have been released in stores in Q3 1995, but it vanished before being finished. Battlewheels should have been an upgraded remake of the atari lynx game with the same name, with a new 8 players multiplayer mode.

As Adam has wrote in the comments, Beyond Games has told people in the Jaguar community that they got as far as making some 3D models for the game but it was so early into the development phase when it was cancelled that they didn’t get any further than that.


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U64 Staff & Contributors

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19 thoughts on “Battlewheels [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased]

  1. Ruud Luitem

    The used image of the game is directly pulled from the Atari Jaguar box. game should have been an upgrade from the atari lynx version of the game. The Battlewheels game was intended to have 8 player mutiplayer action and should have been in stores Q3 1995.

  2. Adam

    Just something to add on this one: Beyond Games has told people in the Jaguar community that they got as far as making some 3D models for the game but it was so early into the development phase when it was cancelled that they didn’t get any further than that

  3. Akkroid

    I think it stands to reason this project evolved into Beyond’s 1999 post-apocalyptic FPS\Driving game Redline. Interestingly It would seem Carmack may have been slightly influenced by the aforesaid game for Rage

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Mixed feelings as the Lynx original was superb and Jaguar hardware seemed ideally suited for an upgraded version, but then i love at what the Jaguar versions of Ch.Flag (ok, went with name only) and Blue Lightning turned out like and how Toki was shaping up and i’d of just hated to see another dissapointing upgrade.

    Maybe Beyond could have really done the game and indeed hardware, justice, maybe not, but it’s sadly just another in a long, long line of games that was abandoned so early on, it’ll simply be just another footnote in the Jaguar’s history of what might of been.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    Battlewheels did’nt look as if it was going to be any cheap port, but a JagNetwork and
    modem compatible game for starters.

    Sounds like it had real potential.

  6. Ross Sillifant

    Even as late as March’95 Beyond Games were telling the press they still had’nt figured exactly what they planned for the game and something else which they then could’nt talk about, had ‘come down the pipeline’ and plans for Battlewheels might take a 180 degree turn.

    I guess the ‘something else’ was AVP 2, which they’ve been quoted as saying they WERE working on and hoped would sustain any success gained from Ultra Vortex.

  7. Ross Sillifant

    Your welcome :-)

    As a then day-1 Jaguar owner, i’ve followed the path of so many of these ‘annouced’ Jaguar games along some very rocky and twisted roads.You’ve had the majority of the information found either emailed directly to you or posted up on here, be they from interviews/email contact i myself have carried out or those i’ve found, but there’s still more to come and it’ll be direct from the source.

  8. ROSS Sillifant

    Just paid £4.99 for issue 160 of RetroGamer magazine #160..

    6 page feature on Beyond Games,now given that Kris Johnson, Clark Stacey, Tim Hunstman and Meats Meier are thanked, I had high hopes of learning more on Jaguar Battlewheels…

    But..other than mentioning whilst Beyond wanted to do the game, Atari instead wanted a fighting game and Battlewheels being on Jaguar box and game being annouced, there’s nothing else said..


    Nothing even said of 3D modelling being started nor plans for game to use network features…

    As for AVP 2? It just covers what was already known, Beyond in talks with Atari to do the sequel, but we’ve still NO idea what their concepts for the game would of differed from Rebellion’s…

    Very,very disappointing as yet again, RG reference lost Jaguar games, speak direct to sources and yet we still know nothing new, article fails to report what we already knew…

  9. Ross Sillifant

    Read it couple of times and nope, Unseen 64 had more info, lot sooner and shared for free.

    Dissapointing, as RG kept bragging about info only they could get..

  10. R

    And i wonder, where i can see those documents? Because That’s not the only thing that exists related to Major Havoc 2000. There’s storyboards on how the game was going to play and look like. Sadly they’re lost for now, but i did saw them on Jaguar Sector II back in the day. Same thing goes for the planned Robocop for the Jaguar by Ocean.

  11. Ross Sillifant

    The people that run sites like Atarimania have real life jobs, familles etc, they update sites as and when they can, as your seeing now, as entries on Commander Blood, Creature Shock etc are being updated.

    jaguar Sector is/was just 1 area, a lot of people just use sites they are familar with or stumble across and where info is in public domain, not locked to members only access.

    Sites like Unseen64,GTW etc share information between them, so as many people as possible can get answers to questions.

    Now if someone has documentation to prove Jaguar Quake was started or has playable code of MK 3 or anything to back up any number of claims passed off as fact over the years, i’m sire they will welcome them.

    The purpose here is likes of Atarimania, Unseen64 have further documentation to add to existing entries, so causal viewers get a greater understanding of what became of announced Jaguar titles.

  12. Ross Sillifant

    And you’ve pretty much answered your own question there..if only 1 site had Major Havoc storyboards and they are now lost, chances of them being found again appear slim.

    If however in a community spirt they had been shared, the Retro community at large could of enjoyed them, articles in magazines like RetroGamer could of benefited from them, instead we have only what other folks have had sat on HDD’s for years as they have no interest in Jaguar, so we are doing g what we can to get them out and preserved before they too are lost.

    Fact a feature on Beyond Games never even mentioned their interest in Major Havoc, suggests to myself, to many Beyond Games will only be known for the games they did release and and interest in AVP 2, Jaguar wise, plus inital work on Battlewheels, the Major Havoc aspect will not be as well known..

    RG has far wider username than niche sites like J.S, Unseen64, GTW..

    And opportunity missed I fear.

  13. R

    I found this strange image of BattleWheels + what seems to be like a boxart (turns out it was aslo planned for PC). If time allows it, maybe it can put it here…

  14. R

    I found this strange image of BattleWheels + what seems to be like a boxart (turns out it was aslo planned for PC). If time allows it, maybe it can put it here…i hope so…

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