PS2 Tech Demos

PS2 Tech Demos


The PlayStation 2 was first revealed in 1999. Many beloved game developer that released their games for the original Sony PlayStation 1 such as SquareSoft, Namco, or even SCE themshelve, shown a series on interesting tech demos for the PS2. Namco tech demo was the leather tech demo, then the Ridge Racer tech demo shows the facial animation CGI in-game, Tekken tech demo also shown too, it show the texture smooth feature, both Ridge Racer and Tekken was released for PS2 except for leather tech demo never found in any game, and it presumed to be unreleased.

SquareSoft shown a fighting tech demo that could later known as “The Bouncer“, also a face of a old man character from a FF series with the same as Ridge Racer purpose, a dancing scene from FFVI also get it debut, showing the power of PS2, in-engine CGI animation without a pre-rendered animation video cutscene. Sony was shown a Gran Turismo tech demo that showing a Reflection effect, also ducky with water demo.

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PS2 Original Tech Demo Presentation

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