The Getaway [PS2 – Beta & Concept]

The Getaway [PS2 – Beta & Concept]

The game originally began life on the 32-bit PlayStation, off the back of Porsche Challenge. After having made an acclaimed circuit driving game, Team SOHO – like many other developers at the time – felt that a free roaming vehicle game was an interesting concept worth exploring. The title was prototyped and playable missions were made, but it then evolved into a Playstation 2 (PS2) project. However the original code was kept and there was talk of including it on the finished game, which would ultimately not happen. Apart from several screenshots printed in the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, the original version would never see release.

The hype surrounding the project began in earnest just before E3 2000, when a series of screenshots were published online. They revealed an amazing level of detail, clearly showing the very identifiable streets near Team SOHO’s studio. Though it has been argued that these shots were actually mock-up pre-renders, it is possible that they were taken from actual PS2-spec hardware running in real time. However, it is clear that these early screen shots include vehicle and character models which are more detailed than those in the final game, as well as higher-resolution textures and a much greater level of anti-aliasing than may be possible on PS2 hardware. [Info from Wikipedia] You can see these early PS2 screens in the gallery below.

As David has made us to notice: “The Getaway had alot more cars in the beta version, but some of the companys didn’t want part in the game, (probably because of the controversy over killing and GTA styled games) and were removed from the final version.”


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12 thoughts on “The Getaway [PS2 – Beta & Concept]

  1. David

    The Getaway had alot more cars in the beta version, but some of the companys didn’t want part in the game, (probably because of the controversy over killing and GTA styled games) and were removed from the final version.

  2. enigma

    In the Official UK playstation magazine there was a feature regarding this, more specifically Ps2 titles. Maybe they might actually be the same ones in the US version too. I remember one looked up at the character while another had The Link phone shop in the image.
    It also mentioned about some features of damageable environment and many buildings could be entered, like shops I do believe. Might have just be hype from the writers. :D

    I’ll see if I can find that same issue. Also had other titles. I still remember the gta3 shot which I got very excited about. I don’t suppose magazines scans are usable? Otherwise I could try scan the images in.

  3. enigma

    Okay great, I found the magazine last night, shows a few screens from the beta definitely. Also reads that 50 cars were to be available, destructible terrain (environment like railings and walls I guess) and workmen would repair damage caused. As well as the thing about entering buildings, likely meant shops, and such.
    I guess it was never actually put into code just part of the concept. Though it would have been something spectacular for the time. :D

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Regarding the removal of the BT vans :-)

    Chun Wah Kong: we set out to build the most realistic representations of London possible and we sourced our material from the streets, all the buildings and all the cars etc.It made sense that we used BT, but we had a meeting afterwards and we agreed that it was’nt very appropiate, so we took them out and apoligised.

    Katie Elwood: We set out to build London as it is.When creating the vans our artists made the vans they saw the most.It made sense we used BT.They did’nt agree, we took them out and said sorry.

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