Sam & Max: Freelance Police [PC – Cancelled]

Sam & Max: Freelance Police [PC – Cancelled]

Sam & Max: Freelance Police was a graphic adventure computer game developed by LucasArts as a sequel to the 1993 title Sam & Max Hit the Road. The final game in the company’s adventure game era, Freelance Police was originally intended to be released for Windows in early 2004.

Freelance Police was first announced in August 2002, and was later fully unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo convention in 2003.The development of the project was lead by Michael Stemmle, one of the original designers for Sam & Max Hit the Road, while Steve Purcell assisted in developing the game’s plot and artistic direction.

Although the game’s development appeared to be proceeding towards completion without difficulty, LucasArts abruptly cancelled production of Freelance Police in March 2004, citing “current market place realities and underlying economic conditions” in its press release. The cancellation of the game was received very poorly by fans of the series, Steve Purcell and the video game industry’s media, many of the latter seeing this move as the culmination of the decline of the adventure game genre.

LucasArts later terminated its adventure game development, and many of the Freelance Police design team left to create Telltale Games and continue development of such adventure games. Steve Purcell moved the Sam & Max franchise to Telltale Games in 2005, where it was developed into an episodic series of games. Entitled Sam & Max: Season One, the new series debuted in October 2006. [Infos from Wikipedia]

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4 thoughts on “Sam & Max: Freelance Police [PC – Cancelled]

  1. gabrielwoj

    Pictures 22/23 just looks at the VEEERY begninning project of the game…
    There are no textures for Sam and Max, and no animations (like pose etc)…

    I did give this 5 Stars, cause there are much sites which have no information about this game, it’s pretty rare


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