Project X [Nuon – Proto]

Project X [Nuon – Proto]

Nuon originally started off as “Project X,” and was featured in EGM’s 1999 Video Game Buyer’s Guide. One of the Nuon’s main software developers was Jeff Minter, who created a version of Tempest (entitled Tempest 3000) for the system, and the built-in VLM-2 audio visualizer. NUON was created by VM Labs who filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2001. The rights to the NUON technology was purchased in 2002 by Genesis Microchip. – [Info from Wikipedia]



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2 thoughts on “Project X [Nuon – Proto]

  1. Adam

    I have two NUON DVD players with almost every game released for it – I lack Iron Soldier 3. Tempest 3000 is quite a trip and Merlin Racing is a decent Mario Kart clone. There are several games that went unreleased for this, should have a full list of the unreleased games (except for Titan 3, which they are missing from the list)

    1. monokoma

      I’d like to expand the Nuon section sooner or later, but with all the work for the “main” consoles, it will be difficult :P But I’ll check that list at Nuon Dome for sure :)

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