Girl & Dinosaur [M2 – Tech Demo]

Girl & Dinosaur [M2 – Tech Demo]

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4 thoughts on “Girl & Dinosaur [M2 – Tech Demo]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    In fact, one of the earlier demos (written by Mark Rearick, author
    of 3DO Game Guru) was a Euro-style “plasma” field, which was mapped on to
    a 3D object.  The plasma texture was dynamically computed by the CPU each
    frame.  A bit of a drain on the CPU, but a neat trick when you need it.

            He also wrote a ScreamTracker 3 MOD file player to run on M2, which
    is used in some of the more recent demos.  It sounds incredible.

    Leo L. Schwab —

  2. Ross Sillifant

    All public Opera demos were run on actual hardware.  The original Opera
    machines were 13 boards of silicon, which were later compressed into
    3 chips, but the “giant graphics engine” was the actual Opera hardware.

    Some of the very early very speculative PRIVATE Opera demos were
    mockups, but these were never represented as running on real hardware.
    They were in fact video tapes of our guesses as to what the hardware
    would eventually do.

    The approach to the M2 demos was another story altogether…

    “Stephen H. Landrum”

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