Preserve Your Art

developers preserve games

It’s not easy to preserve screens, videos and historical details about games that were never released. These documents could be lost forever if we don’t act quickly, but you can help:

  • Are you a videogames developer?
  • Did you work on a cancelled game?
  • Was your game very different when it started?

You can assist us to preserve your art and creativity, memories of your hard work on a game that will never be. We assure to save media and info in the Unseen64 archive in the best way possible, to let gaming history to remember what it could have been. Cancelled games are an important piece of gaming history and we should not permit them to be forgotten. Even if everything was tossed away for some random economic reasons, we’d still love to see what you were able to create and to dream about what we could have played.

Because we love videogames and we want to restore the unseen history of gaming.

Dear developer, if you can share screens, videos or info from your games that will never be, we’ll be happy to preserve them in our online archive and be sure that they will not be lost.

Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us about your unseen projects.

We respect your privacy and you can remain anonymous if you want to. You could also use an anonymous email service like Guerrilla Mail and Privnote.