Top-notch video game essay creation guideline

A creative video game essay may be used for gaming websites, magazines, school journals and scholarship decisions. Unfortunately, many students find writing such papers overwhelming and time-consuming and often there is a need to ask help from a professional essay writer from reliable academic writing sites.

Each video game essay is a complex project. However, there are steps taken to help split the assignment into manageable portions depending on the aim.

Below are the steps followed when creating when writing an essay

Gaming topic selection

The topic you choose gets determined by the type of assignment you need to write. Often, the lecturers or recently played games will provide one. When you have to decide for yourself, avoid ideas or games you do not know much about or have little information to write. Also, think of creative topics that your audience will enjoy reading.

Another thing considered when choosing a gaming topic is the goal of the essay. Is it for analysis, or is it a review of something? What will your readers gain from reading your paper?

Create an outline

You cannot start writing a video game essay without organizing your thoughts. So, put whatever you have in your mind on paper. Doing that makes it easy to connect the ideas during the actual writing.

The outline will also act as the foundation of the essay. Therefore, it will help you organize your paper and prevent you from forgetting important points.

Decide the thesis statement.

The thesis statement shows the audience the aim of the paper. It should comprise sections. The first one states the topic, and the other describes the paper’s purpose.

Write the body part.

The body describes and provides arguments about the topic. Ensure to put down all the ideas you have on the outline in different paragraphs.

All paragraphs should have a uniform structure. Begin with the idea and follow it with supporting information. Next, you should provide examples to back your statement, such as video games themes, gameplay mechanics or plot similarities.

The introduction

The introduction is the first part of the essay. So, it should be eye-catching. You can achieve that by writing shocking information, quotes from a popular game designer, a narrative, a small summary, or anything else related to video games that would make your reader keep reading the essay.

The introduction must also connect with the thesis statement.

The conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay. It summarizes the ideas contained in the body and provides the final perspective of the paper. The section can have three to five sentences that review the essential points.

  • Last touches

After writing all sections, you need to pay attention to the small essay details. It includes:

  • Checking if all paragraphs are in order and contain sufficient information.
  • Make sure the critical points are at the beginning.
  • Correct any grammatical errors.
  • Be sure the name of the games, their authors and release dates are correct.


The final thing every video game essay writer should do is review the paper. So, you have to read the entire piece to ensure it has a good flow. Ensure there are no errors and that it is exciting and achieves its aim. You have to check plagiarism too to avoid delivering copied work.