At the Video Games Sports Field: Is EA Sports FC 2024 the Sole Choice for the SP Career Mode?

In 2021, FIFA hiked the licensing fee of their deal with EA Sports. Both parties could not agree on a deal, bringing their 30-year-old partnership to an unforeseen end. This separation meant EA Sports had to rebrand their already-popular FIFA franchise, and this birthed the new name ‘EA FC 24’, short for Electronic Arts Football Club 24.

Following the rebrand, fans have had mixed reactions; The new turn of events excites some while leaving others unhappy. Some believe this led to the EA Sports FC 24 career mode new features.

So far, the contract termination has not been too bad for EA, as FC 24 became the 14th best-selling game of 2023, debuting as the third best-selling game of the month in September 2023.

But, amidst the different speculations from community members on the EA forum, we cannot miss out on the exciting details of the new game, ranging from the new playing styles to the Hypermotion V technology on the Frostbite Engine and the all-new career mode.

When It Comes to Tactical Vision Systems, Does EA FC 24 Offer the Best?

One of the exciting features of EA FC 24 is the Tactical Vision System, allowing you to select from a range of tactics for your team as a manager. This feature aims to create a mastery effect, allowing you to learn and master different styles to help you lead your squad to victory. Regardless of your preferred playing style, there is a Tactical Vision that will bring the best out of your team.

EA FC 24 features seven Tactical Visions: Gegenpressing, Tiki Taka, Kick and Rush, Counter Attack, Wing Play, Standard, and Park the Bus. Each tactical system has pros and cons, but your squad also plays an important role.

For instance, Manchester City, the reigning champions of Europe, uses the Tiki Taka Tactical Vision. It allows them to maintain a possession-based game emphasizing short passes, ball control, and open-chance creations for scoring opportunities.

Using the Tiki Taka Tactical Vision on a team like Manchester City would make a significant difference in your overall performance, as EA FC 24 utilizes a realistic system that can improve your gameplay based on the physical stats of your players.

Tactical Vision SystemsStyleSkills NeededTop Teams
Tiki TakaShort Passes, Quick Ball Movements, Ball Possession, Close Chance Creations.Ball control, General Fluidity/TechnicalityFC Barcelona, Manchester City, Arsenal
GegenpressingCounter-pressing, Close Pressure, Good Anticipation.Natural Fitness, StaminaBayern Munich, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Dortmund
Counter AttackHigh-speed Movements, Long Passes,Speed, Pass Accuracy, AgilityReal Madrid, RB Leipzig, Inter Milan
Kick and RushDiagonal Passes, Long BallsBall control, Long Ball Accuracy, StrengthBurnley, Athletic Bilbao
StandardBalanced Play, Stable FormationPassing Accuracy, Ball Control, TeamworkAtletico Madrid, AC Milan
Wing PlayCrossing, DribblingHeading, VisionPSG, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool
Park the BusFull Defense, Low Goal EffortMarking, Ball Possession, AthleticismAtletico Madrid, Chelsea

EA FC 24 gives you total freedom to create your unique football squad. Thus, you have the freedom to coach your team like Pep Guardiola and play the Tiki Taka style, or go ahead and play rock and roll football like Jürgen Klopp using the gegenpressing style, or even Park the Bus like Jose Mourinho. In EA FC 24, the choice is all yours.

This Type of Underdogs – Player Agents in EA FC 24

Player agents significantly improve FC24, allowing you to create your own story by having more control over where you play. They act as your representatives, just as in real life. The task of your player agent is to negotiate contracts and endorsement deals and work on the best transfers for you. They advise on possible transfers, wages, and how to qualify for a potential move to your dream club.

For example, if your goal is to move to Manchester City, your player agent will set new targets you need to achieve to attract the attention of your dream club. It makes the game more adventurous. EA fans praise this feature on open platforms like Reddit and even EA’s community page. Whether you want to be an underdog, superstar, or legend, this feature will help you achieve your goal.

But, you must adhere strictly to the plan, grow as a player, and learn professional tactics. You can also note the playing styles of experts through videos or check out a virtual sportsbook while trying to observe EA FC 24 eSports players in betting tournaments so that you can better understand how team tactics work and try to implement them yourself for a better run.

The EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode Deep Dive

On the 31st of July 2023, EA released a live stream on YouTube, “EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode New Features Deep Dive,” presenting all the new features to fans. This livestream conveyed a more than evident message that EA did a great job on the career mode of the new game.

Below is a list of all the new features in the player and manager modes:

Player Mode

  1. Player Agents
  2. Playstyles
  3. Focus Camera
  4. Customization
  5. Training Updates
  6. Dynamic Moments

Manager Mode

  • Total Management System
  • Pre-match Preparations
  • Tactical View
  • Dynamic Moments

In the career deep dive stream, EA discussed the various modes in which players can participate in the career mode, which includes playing it, simulating it, or viewing simplified match graphics for fast results.

Play the Game

EA FC 24 allows you to take complete control of the career mode by playing the game and playing through every stage as a player or manager. In the player mode, your main tasks are to develop your skills and create a unique personality on and off the pitch.

With the new realistic model, you can interact with your manager and other teammates, and every decision you make in the game can affect your reputation. Also, climbing up the ranks can give you a shot at winning the Ballon d’Or. As outlined by EA Sports, they now utilize a Player Personality System. Thus, every player has seven levels of personality, with some allowing you to apply a playing style to your player, unique boosters, and even new characters that affect pitch behavior.

Your personality as a player depends on the proportions of your personality points distributed between the three personalities: Heartbeat, Virtuoso, and Maverick.

While playing on the EA Sports FC Manager Career Mode, you can implement your coaching styles to form new game plans and sign the right players to help make your dream a reality. 

Sim the Game

You can skip manual controls and proceed to simulate your matches while focusing more on the management side of your career in FC24. The new advanced match simulation option shows a real representation of the match, allowing you to jump in and out to control the game at any point. You can delegate the simulation to your assistant manager by providing guideline instructions or handling all the management duties while the match is on.

EA Sports has always had one of the best football management game mechanics, as evident from the earlier days of FIFA Soccer Manager, their first-ever football manager game released in 1997.

Watch a Boring Graphic or Quick Sim Straight to the Result

In FC24, you can simulate the game and skip the live match graphics. This mode brings you a simple screen with boring graphics indicating the ball’s position on the pitch and the players’ movements. It does not showcase any match highlights, so it is quicker to get match results. This option allows you to skip the result of your match, but skipping is only advisable for strong teams with proven records for good performance.

Finally, Much-Needed Makeover

The upgrade from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24 seems insignificant from an outward view of the gameplay graphics. But, taking a closer look, one can easily spot the significant upgrades in every aspect. EA FC24 brings you closer to real football with advanced player animations and more realistic gameplay concepts.

In the Player Career Mode, you can now make even more customizations, with the ability to add customized tattoos to players, googles, and even faceguards. It is in addition to the new training updates, dynamic updates, and an all-new tactical focus camera available on PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PS5. The Legacy Focus Camera is available on Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

All these, coupled with the tactical view, pre-match preparations, and total management system on the management mode, give you the ultimate career mode. They allow you to control almost every aspect of your squad, even while playing, just as football managers do in real life.

There are also some new animation scenes in the game, including an open-top bus parade as part of the celebrations if you manage to win one or two trophies at the end of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions in the EA FC 24 community:

Why is Camp Nou not in EA FC24?

Though Barcelona’s Camp Nou is one of the most famous stadiums in the world, it is not available in FIFA Games, leading to speculation among fans who wonder why it is still unavailable in FC24. Camp Nou is a Konami-exclusive stadium. Thus, it is only available on Konami’s eFootball franchise.

Are there any significant changes in EA FC24?

Yes. There are visible upgrades when placing FIFA 23 and FC24 on a side-by-side comparison. From the advanced Hypermotion V to the new player animations, improved details, and more, there are a lot of visible improvements. One of the notable areas of improvement is in the career mode, which now features several advanced functionalities and the addition of women to the Ultimate Team. The improvements make the gameplay experience much more immersive.

Can I move up my FC24 Standard Edition to Ultimate Edition?

No. There are two distinct editions of FC 24. Therefore, to use the Ultimate Edition, you must buy it first and then uninstall the Standard Edition.

Can I transfer my FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to FC24?

Yes. Like other FIFA games, you can transfer your FIFA points from the old game to the new one. This process is effective only for FIFA points. You cannot apply them to your FIFA coins, players, or other items accumulated on your old account. It is also worth mentioning that while you can transfer your points from FIFA 23 to EAFC24, cross-platform transfers are invalid. So, you cannot transfer your points from your Xbox account to a PlayStation or PC and vice versa.