Are Video Games Bad for My Kids’ Education?

Are Video Games Bad for My Kids’ Education?

Many people still think quite stereotypically about the effect of video games on children. They recognize the video industry as a simple entertainment business. In fact, it is far from reality. The video games market is a billion dollars’ worth industry with the huge variety of games types offered. Almost every US family has a member who is interested in playing video games. Actually, kids adore playing numerous video games after school or on a vacation. Sometimes, they tend to play games even when they have lots of school tasks assigned. It is quite a bad situation for parents and children themselves. The experts from essaywriterfree found out that lots of time spent on video games can badly influence a child’s daily routine and academic results. This is one of the reasons why parents do not like their kids playing video games. It ensures the increased negative outlook of video games in the end. Parents tend to keep their kids from video games to improve their school performance. But, is this the right decision? Are video games that bad for kids’ education?

Video Games and Modern Education

These days, video games can be both a distraction for students and a great educational tool. It is fair about every notion indeed. It can have negative and positive features at once. Video games can be a huge distraction if kids are not taught to behave properly and follow their daily routine. If young students know that video games can be a great education tool, they can learn to use them accurately. What is more, they can easily keep up with their study plan at the same time. There are many theories about the effect of popular video games on kids’ study results. In fact, people are divided into two opposite camps.

Video Games: Negative Effects

One part of people believes that video gaming increases the possibility of false socialization. Thus, kids learn to spend more time online playing games than with their real friends. Moreover, many researchers from essaywritercheap point to kids’ tendency to spend all their time online, and even avoid sleep. Thus, they ruin their daily regime and risk having huge problems with sleep. It can lead to emotional issues and stress. Still, these theories are not proven to be the right ones. In fact, it depends on the particular kid greatly how he or she plans free time and time to complete their study assignments. The German researcher Timo Gnams was one to conduct familiar research with over 3000 students involved. As a result, no evidence confirmed the negative effect of video games on kids’ academic results.

Video Games: Positive Effects

The kid’s lack of attention, ruined daily schedule, and sleep issues are often caused by the simple decision to spend hours playing various video games. If a kid can limit his time spent on video games, he surely can stay successful at school. If parents let their kids spend a few hours playing chosen video games, it brings no negative effects at all. What is more, video gaming is known to help students improve their attention skills and memory. Once playing team games, kids learn how to work in a team. Teamwork is a great part of the educational process as well. It means such teamwork experience can be very beneficial for young students.

Video games are proven to improve kids’ cognitive abilities. It can sound surprising, but still, big research was conducted to prove this theory. Dr. James Paul Gee has proven in his research that video games allow teaching kids how to follow directions and improve their problem-solving skills. Once playing games, players follow many complicated directions and learn how to reach their main goals with all the means available.

The properly chosen video games can be very beneficial for kids. They can even become a great motivation for them. It means many video games increase students’ desire to study. Often, kids become more interested to learn more and faster when they are allowed to play games after. As for,, the most important thing for parents is to check their kids doing their school homework timely. There is no need to forbid video games. The kids should simply learn how to spend time properly on their related school activities and online gaming.

Final Thoughts

Video games can affect kids’ study results only in the way you let it happen. It means, if children have a great ability to follow their daily tasks, they will easily learn to complete their home assignments before starting playing games. Thus, they will have their tasks completed on time and enough time to relax once playing video games. In such a case, video games can help to improve kids’ cognitive abilities, an ability to focus better on details and to follow directions, together with problem-solving abilities. If parents let their kids skip their homework and play games for hours, it surely can negatively influence a kid’s daily regime, sleep patterns, and study results. If parents carefully choose video games and allow kids to play them for a few hours only, it can bring only benefits. Thus, there will be no negative effects in the end for anyone.