The best aspects that video games can give you

Many people continue to underestimate video games as a waste of time, aggressively forgetting that a lot of time and development has passed since the release of the first games, unique genres and new ideas have emerged, and they are now ready to provide players with many unprecedented aspects and features.

Enjoy the stories

There are a number of projects in the gaming industry that are aimed primarily at telling a story that you will like no less than the final gameplay, and since games have long been equal to cinema in their entertainment value, the general feeling of your own influence on the final result and events will be taller.

For example, the Diablo series of games, which shows the concept of opening otherworldly gates and the breakthrough of demons into human territory, and it is the players who must challenge them, knock them out of the occupied territories, go to the gates and close them using a ritual and destroy the heads of the archdemons – Diablo, Baal, Mephisto and others.

Sometimes, in order to pass a new difficult stage, you will need to buy Diablo 4 gold, but in general the storyline has become the strong point of the project from Blizzard and therefore, even after 20 years, it continues to develop and is popular.


Many parents try to protect their children from games and time spent on computers and tablets, forgetting that often the problem is not in the industry itself, but in the content they absorb.

Games can be not only interesting and entertaining, but also educational and train different skills and types of thinking.

For example, strategies.

The skill of solving various problems of managing an army, or an entire empire, and at the same time being able to focus on goals and correctly distribute your attention and understanding of the consequences.

For example, you play Cossacks and you are given an entire empire.

You need to provide your lands with food, resources for recruiting units and training them, building fortifications and ships, if the landscape allows it. And all these actions must be done simultaneously, which is simplified by the model of the development and existence of a state that is at war.

Realistic soldiers and residents will show the price for decisions made and teach players, and especially children, to bear responsibility, study military affairs and the tactics and actions of units.

Wars can be fought smartly, or troops can be wasted ineptly – not all children are attracted to strategies, but if you play them correctly, it will have a more useful effect than from shooters and other projects.

Get a new experience

In recent years, the simulator genre has been gaining popularity, which allows you not only to try out new professions, but also immerses you in all the realistic intricacies of the craft, so you can try this experience for yourself without going through complex and lengthy training and master the intricacies of working with special equipment.


Try locomotive control with full motion switching, braking and providing all systems for comfortable transportation of passengers and cargo with the feeling of train physics; Strict compliance with all rules, otherwise an accident or passing the station will occur.


Take training in Microsoft Fly Simulator and try yourself as a pilot with hundreds of different buttons, the need to monitor the horizon and level, power and fuel reserves.

This is a complex format that will show you the intricacies of being a pilot in the same way that a professional pilot experiences in his job, but with tips, since no game can accommodate the hundreds of missions in test and real aircraft that a professional pilot performs, does before landing at the controls of a real passenger airliner.


Experience the profession of a truck driver on the European or American continent with a full understanding of the physics of a truck that must be taken into account in order to avoid causing accidents and deliver orders to customers on time.

Euro Truck Simulator has very realistic maps of Europe, which are detailed and correspond to real routes and cities that you will drive through with the prospect of opening your own company.

Find out how business works

In the early 2000s, economic strategies in the tycoon genre were popular, which allowed players to gain new experience and try out different businesses, looking at all the activities from above and essentially making decisions that had little impact on anything – simply improving equipment and systematically and gradually gaining an increase in earning money.

But the development of games does not stand still, and many games have appeared that inherit the ideas of tycoons, but offer a new concept and approach to players.

The Gas Station Simulator project was especially sensational, which allows players to go from an abandoned gas station in the desert to a full-fledged and prosperous business by directly influencing it physically.

At first, you will do everything yourself – clear it of debris, except fuel and refuel it for single travelers, remove sand and dirt, open a cash register and work on it, purchase goods and look after the warehouse, open your own car repair shop and gradually, when the business will gain momentum, you will hire people and delegate your responsibilities to them.

The project has loans and the possibility of going bankrupt due to incorrect purchases and failure to track favorable prices.

Military experience

Not every person can experience the action during the war, and this is good, but such projects have always attracted a certain cluster of players who have always liked the coordinated actions of the military, the brotherhood and the skills that are demonstrated on the battlefield.

For such players, there is a genre – military simulators.

Such projects allow you to test military operations as part of army formations and take part in full-fledged combat operations.

If you take ARMA 3, then you will play as a US Army soldier as part of a peacekeeping contingent on islands in which government troops are at the stage of a military conflict with local armed forces, and you were sent to maintain order, but everything changes when on the same day all the bases United States is under attack and full-fledged battles of a limited contingent begin with a new threat.

You will experience both full-fledged battles with the support of equipment, as well as guerrilla and sabotage actions.

The main advantages of such projects are full-fledged realism. You won’t run around with a machine gun and kill enemies on the move like in Call of Duty.

Your character will get tired, lose accuracy, kill enemies and die from their hits in case of critical wounds that cannot be bandaged in the field.

In such games, the ballistics of bullets and shells works, and you need to get used to the fact that it is not enough to aim at the enemy to kill him – you need to take into account height and distance and aim higher, because the bullet will fall down, following the laws of physics and ballistics.

Just have fun

Having considered the main variations and possibilities for gameplay and the roles that games can play, but in general we should not forget about the most common game formats and their primary purpose, in addition to bringing experience, is entertainment.

Just a beautiful picture and interesting gameplay – this is enough to captivate the player for many hours, so that he can then leave the game and go to the next one, without even always returning to the project.

A good example is projects from Ubisoft, which offer many interesting solutions and unique gameplay and are not always replayable.

For example, Assassin’s Creed, or Far Cry are two different projects that offer unique gameplay and work behind enemy lines, tracking down your targets and choosing a way to eliminate them.

The idea of Assassin’s Creed is to move to one of the historical eras and roleplay as a killer from an ancient order, and it is the recreated locations and atmosphere that will captivate you for a long time – France of the Renaissance, Greece of the dawn of Sparta, the American War of Independence and other periods important for the study of humanity will captivate player for many hours with all the details and the role of the player in shaping success and historical development.

Far Cry does not have the same success, however, it offers a concept in which, due to circumstances, the player will find himself behind enemy lines and must systematically liberate the territory and deprive them of their advantage.

The last bright part was 5, which is dedicated to the fight against sectarians who captivated and captured an entire state with their influence without the ability to resolve the situation from the outside.

You, in the role of a deputy sheriff, will be in charge of detaining the head of the sect, but after the angry intervention of his comrades, you will crash and you need to get out of the encirclement and be able to raise an uprising in the territories and raise the locals to fight the sect and systematically clear the region from the emerging threat and the community that emerged from -under control.