Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise [PS2 – Cancelled]

Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise [PS2 – Cancelled]

Outcast was an action-adventure computer game by Belgian developer Appeal. A sequel, Outcast 2, was originally being developed for Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. During development, the company Appeal went bankrupt and development ceased. Appeal had been requesting funds from their publisher to help finish the game for release but this plea fell on deaf ears. [info from Wikipedia]


[Images source: www.outcastii.net]

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8 thoughts on “Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise [PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. Mubin

    Hi my name is mubin. I live in London. I am one of the biggest fan of outcast the game.
    I have played the outcast on 1999 or2000.this was the first game still now I love the most.there was reason behind it,it was the first game which took me 2 months to finish.still now,what ever game I play,it takes me maximum 5days.this only 1 reason of 100’s for me to be a fan of outcast.
    I have been waitning for about 9years now the out cast 2 to be released.ever time o go to a game shop,i always ask for the outcast2 at first and then buy some other game and come back home for 9 years.
    Today I have just read through few articals that says appeal was forced to cancelled the release of the outcast2 because it bankruped.
    I am just a student in london studying my English corses and planing to study on gaming development.
    I am willing to aevery thing for outcast2 to be released.if the reader or appeal could tell me how much need or what they need or any thing that I can do for outcast (may be a charity fund raising or fund raising from bigger company,or from the gaming shop to fund rise for appeal),I will be more then happy to do.
    Or if appeal could hire me for a job, I can promise my life to get my task done 200%.
    I am one of the biggest fan of outcast,I want a chance to be part of this game.please reply to my offer.
    My contact is [email protected]
    Thank you to the reader to have time to read my mail. I will be happy to have a reply as soon as possible.

    1. monokoma

      You could try to find someone that worked at Appeal Entertainment, the developers that were on the Outcast 2 project, maybe they could help :)

  2. SilenceoftheHills

    Man, I remembering loving this games graphics. Never knew how it played because I didn’t play the first, but this game has huge levels and nice counts by the looks of it that caught my eye. Still looks quite good today as well.

    Sad it was cancled as I wondered what happened to it, forgot it, then found this article.

  3. CutterSlade23

    I´m also a big fan of ‘Outcast’.

    I´m realizing from the year 2007 a fans’ web of the game. And we want to ask in Spain for a new publish of ‘Outcast’ in HD, with extra others.

    You can see more in the OUTCAST-Spain web (with images not published of ‘Outcast 2’).


    Ah! In our group of Facebook, I have to:
    – Lennie Moore (composer of the BSO).
    – Douglas Freese (scriptwriter).
    – Franck Sauer (one of 3 creators of the game).

    1. monokoma

      I tried to find videos from Outcast 2 sometime ago, but with no luck :( With some time, it could be possible to contact someone that worked on the game and ask if they would like to help to preserve some footage of their lost project

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