Advent Shadow

Advent Shadow [PSP – Cancelled]

Advent Shadow was a video game developed for the PlayStation Portable handheld and a side story of Advent Rising, however, the game was cancelled. It follows the story of Marin Steel, a mercenary pilot thrust into a saga of intergalactic proportions. In the midst of extracting herself from a hostile negotiation, Marin is interrupted by a planetary invasion led by monstrous aliens bent on human genocide. In her efforts to escape the dying world, she encounters young Gideon Wyeth, the protagonist of Advent Rising, and together they find themselves swept up in a massive struggle against dire forces bent on the destruction of humanity.

Unfortunately, Majesco suffered some financial difficulties, and due to the poor sale of Advent Shadow’s console predecessor, Advent Rising, the game had been quietly cancelled in January of 2006. – [Info from Wikipedia]