Zulu [PSX – Cancelled]

Zulu is a cancelled action game that was in development in 1997 by Studio E Inc for the Playstation. There are basically no info about this project, apart from a single screenshot found in an old magazine and the trademark document for its name. If you know someome that worked at Studio E in 1997 and could have some more info about Zulu, please let us know!

Studio E was working on different titles for PSX and PC (as Beasts of Bedlam and Youngblood), but it seems that they never released a single one. They also worked on Shadowhawk for the SNES, but that was cancelled too. Really an unlucky team :(



Jackal [Wii – Prototype]

In 2009, images about an undisclosed project for Wii appeared on 3d artist Eric Testroete’ site. The pictures resemble very closely a 3d rendition of Konami old military game Jackal released in 1986 in the arcades. In light of Konami revival of its older franchises on Wii under the Rebirth brand-name ( Contra, Castlevania, Gradius ) a new Jackal could have been in the card. Too bad it seems the project never went further than that working prototype.



Vampire Circus [N64 – Prototype]

Vampire Circus was a Gauntlet-like type of game full of vampires and zombies planned for Nintendo 64 by Zed Two who started working on it in 1996. The game was designed so that you controlled just a single character out of the five in the party, and the others would be under AI control, although you could switch which of the five you were controlling. Each had different skills and abilities, so there was good reason to swap your control between different characters, and it was also possible to lose members of your party to the vampire hoard, so you could only control members of the party that remained alive.

Zed Two got quite far with a playable prototype but when Infogrames took over Ocean, who originally struck a two games deal with the developer (the other one was Wetrix), they forced the team to work with Warner Bros properties they just bought at a great expense. The promising project was thus morphed into the less ambitious Taz Express.

All information and artworks are courtesy of Pickford Bros official website.



Totems [X360 – Cancelled]

Totems is a cancelled 3D platform / Action game for the Xbox 360 and PC, that was in development by 10tacle Studios (Elsewhere Entertainment). The Player controls the main character Gia, a parkour expert with the help of powers from four different animal totem Spirits. In August 2008, 10tacle Studios has closed down and the game was officially cancelled. [Info from Wikipedia]

Thanks a lot to Messiah from for the contribution!




Harker [X360/PS3 – Cancelled?]


Harker was a video game being developed for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360  by Double Helix Games. The game was said to be based on the fictional character Jonathan Harker, a vampire slayer.

In the trailer, Harker was perceived as a much more efficient and couragious vampire hunter, as opposed to the classic portrayal of Jonathan Harker in the Bram Stoker’s books and films, including Dracula. It was said that you take on the role of Jonathan Harker in the 18th century and try to rid the world of the unholy vampires.

Double Helix studios put the game on indefinite hold for the development of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Whether or not they plan to continue production of the game is unclear at this point. [Infos from Wikipedia]



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