Turok 2 [Xbox 360 / PS3 – Cancelled]

Turok 2 [Xbox 360 / PS3 – Cancelled]

When the development of the “next gen” Turok for Disney Interactive Studios was finished, Propaganda Games started to work on a sequel, but the project was cancelled when most of the team was laid off. As we can read on Kotaku:

Sources tell us that Vancouver based Propaganda Games is in the process of laying off approximately 70 employees. That reduction in workforce is likely closely tied to the cancellation of Turok 2, a title never officially announced by Disney, but one of two projects that Propaganda was working on, we’re told.

Not much is known about Turok 2 and we are not sure how much work went into it before the cancellation, but it seems that it would have been possible to ride dinosaurs in the game, as in the “original” Turok 2 on the Nintendo 64.

The Turok Wiki has a load of concept art and information on the game. Turok 2 was set to have Turok, or possibly a different character, return to the planet from the first game. Several soldiers left behind became “zombies” and would live in swamps. Orks were to be introduced along with several new weapons.

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15 thoughts on “Turok 2 [Xbox 360 / PS3 – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma Post author

      It could be a video from the “original” 360 Turok, just a second video that they uploaded (and titled “turok 2”). Not sure, never played the game :(

  1. tal'set

    im so suprised that acclaim STILL hasnt continued the old turok series. im looking forward to the original turok with the red headband and bow and arrow not the other one in the 2008 turok whith the freakin mohawk.
    JUST CONTINUE THE SERIES THE RIGHT WAY. oh and timesplitters 4 WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Evan

      Man I got to agree with you I was disappointed when the Turk 2008 didint feature classic Turok and acclaim rules

  2. Turok Fans

    beside,i bored with the name,maybe i call it Turok 2:The Return Of Joseph Turok,i more like it,and he maybe lost in the jungle in the first level.

  3. NOO

    I used to play this game all the (becuase my dad told me about this AWESOME GAME) so I’ve finished it over and over and over and I still don’t get bored of it…soooo then I was hoping for a second game…and yeah thay started a little I think….but then my dad told me it got cancel…soo my childhood was a bit unbalced..along with few other problems I had…anyway I hope some day in the future that maybe you know……forget it…does it really matter anymore?…..

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