Aliens: Colonial Marines [DS – Cancelled]

Aliens: Colonial Marines [DS – Cancelled]

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a side scrolling action game (similar to Contra / Metal Slug) that was in development by WayForward Technologies for the Nintendo DS, but the project was later cancelled along with all the other Aliens games that were going to be published by SEGA (a FPS and an RPG for the Xbox 360 / PS3). It seems that SEGA decided to not release the Aliens games for financial troubles.

Thanks to Dark_ViVi and ABetaName for the contribution!



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8 thoughts on “Aliens: Colonial Marines [DS – Cancelled]

  1. derBene

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing those screens and the video. Already looked pretty good, what a pity that it had to be dropped.

  2. Anonymous

    This actually did get released eventually as Aliens: Infestation. It’s actually a pretty good game too.

  3. Lolguy728

    This was in a Nintendo power issue back in about their anniversary special in about 2010-2011 (the one with raccoon mario on the cover)

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