Zombies [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Zombies [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Zombies was a mix of FPS and survival/horror. Balance between action and adventure to offer a varied experience to the player. Interactive use of the surroundings in order to survive in the besieged town : the player could have find objects to block paths, use electricity or gaz to forge a path to freedom. Find food and medication to save your skin and that of other survivors.

Beware the contamination… zombies attacks would have slowly turn you into one of them… See your body changing, becoming slow and clumsy, but also more resistant to bullets and other attacks. But would you have find a cure in time ? Find medi-kits, ingredients to a serum and use the sickness to your advantage. Find other survivors. Each would have bring new skills in medication, combat, electronics… and each one would have a different personnality and weaponry.

[Info from krysalide.fr]

[Contribute by Matt Gander from www.gamesasylum.com]


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6 thoughts on “Zombies [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. Kirby

    Damn first i hear they cancel the thing 2 and now a game idea like this! What the shit is wrong with them The fuckers i should become a video game maker dude, redo the thing 2 and make this game

  2. Michael

    Hello. I’m sorry to trouble you. Please supplement the article with the following materials:

    Name of the game:
    Zombies: The Awakening
    (the name in the game trailer, as well as the name in the article of one of the this game developers)

    a_site (description) – link to the game site (web archive) + game description from the site

    a_sitedev – link to the article of one of the this game developers + text of the article

    All materials from the site are present (logo, concept art, 14 screenshots in good quality — scr_XX (there were no screenshots No. 1 and No. 13 on the site)), other materials are screenshots (scrX) in normal quality (the best I could find ) + trailer (judging by the date of 2004 – it is in its original quality)


    https://yadi.sk/d/wW–EP1BbEErNw (Mirror: press “Скачать”)

    1. Francisco

      Thank you for sharing additional material for Zombies: The Awakening. It’s a shame this game was canceled for the ps2 just before WaW Zombies went mainstream. By any chance were you a member of the developing team and was this project related to the canceled Romero shooter (City of the Dead I think it was called)? Thanks

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