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monokoma: responsabile e fondatore di Unseen 64, impiegato sopratutto nella ricerca di screenshot & video beta, forse scriverà anche qualche articolo. Assuefatto dai giochi beta ormai da anni è arrivato ad avere cartelle grandi parecchi GB con screenshot e video.. a quel punto ha capito che sarebbe stata ora di aprire un sito per catalogare tutto quel materiale. Mente dinamica, sempre ricca di interessi e cose da fare. Peccato che gli manca sempre il tempo per riuscire a fare tutto. Alla fine non fa mai un cazo. E’ un genio nel perdere tempo ed oziare. Ma si sta impegnando per riuscire a sviluppare nel migliore dei modi questo nostro sito, organizzando gli altri membri del gruppo ed i materiali necessari. Dopotutto è un gran bravo ragazzo.

Roles: U64 Founder, U64 Editor, Unseen Researcher, Senior Writer, Podcast Editor

Personal Website: http://delicious.com/monokoma

Personal Email: nessfree@gmail.com


Yota: Collaboratore post-filosofico per la ricerca di foto beta ed informazioni, anche se spesso vanno tutte perdute perchè si diverte a formattare il suo PC almeno una volta la settimana. La sua missione è quella di riuscire a completare le introduzione dei giochi, cosi da lanciarsi poi nello sfogo psicopatico di qualche articolo. Sicuramente un altro appassionato di giochi beta e la sua conoscenza dei videogame è senz’altro utile per l’aggiornamento di Unseen 64. Ha inoltre avuto il coraggio di tradurre diversi articoli e introduzioni. Fonti che hanno preferito rimanere segrete ci hanno rivelato che un inglese non riuscirà mai a capire le traduzioni di Yota. Ne siamo fieri.

Roles: Unseen Researcher, Senior Writer, Podcast Attendant

Personal Website: www.sandover.wordpress.com

Personal Email: coming soon

[Current English Staff]


MAIcrosoft: Yeah, I, me, MAIcrosoft, also known as just plain MAI, is webmaster of this place, deletes all spam and all boring admin tasks you know :3 Some people might know me from various bemani communities and from the bemani sites I run like www.beatmaniaiidx.com and www.bemanitube.com . I wont be writing much here, but you’ll see me popping up sometimes though <: I love fan mail so if you have something to say about me drop me a line O:

Roles: U64 Webmaster, ADS Editor

Personal Website: www.beatmaniaiidx.com

Personal Email: maicrosoft[at_fuckin_nospam]unseen64.net


FullMetalMC: is the reason Unseen exists without him there would be no Unseen and the world would be full of epic fail. All kidding aside I am one of the biggest contributors and have posted a big fraction of the pictures and information. My interest began when I was reading the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time article from Wikipedia (most likely out of boredom). Back then when I read it the article had a section titled lost content (or something along those lines) and a picture of a big Triforce caught my attention. There I discovered the hacking group Zelda’s Secret Ocarina and fell in love with beta stuff. I admire hackers (Cen is one of the best IMO) and communities who specialize in hacking for lost game elements and I really wish these groups were bigger in number and size. Even though I really like what these people dig up I am much to lazy myself to hack and would rather donate some money to buy older builds of games but my lack of money stops me from doing so.

Roles: Unseen Researcher, English Translator, Forum VIP

Personal Website: coming soon

Personal Email: coming soon

Refurs: Dear lovely reader. I’ve been visiting this website for quite some time now. After thinking about building my own “beta stuff” page I rather decided to join this strong team of beta addicted. Unseen64 provides a wide are of beta material from many different videogames. While my interest in cancelled or unreleased games started with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest, it has developed into something deeper now. As a result, I see my main task in finding new screenshots and new material. Although I might not seek remains of beta versions in final versions of a game, I hope to do a great contribution to this website.

Roles: Jr Writer, Unseen Researcher

Personal Website: coming soon

Personal Email: coming soon


DCodes7: DCodes7 is the name, although users call me DCodes on the forum. I started playing games when the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was released back when. I still play games till this day and currently own an Xbox 360. I love playing post apocalyptic and zombie apocalyptic games like Fallout 3, New Vegas, Left 4 Dead. I also love playing older, yet classic, titles like Perfect Dark (Xbox 360, N64) and Goldeneye (N64). As part of the Unseen staff, my job is to research games, and find differences using the promotional medium that promoted that game. I write these differences in the form of an analysis. While these analyses take a while to write – it’s well worth documenting all the known changes a game went through over the course its development. Like a gaming wasteland of discarded of idea’s we as a community must preserve these ideas… on Unseen64.net!

Roles: Jr. Writer, Unseen Researcher

Personal Website: ?

Personal Email:  ?

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