Comments for Unseen64: Beta, Cancelled & Unseen Videogames! [every change & cut creates a different gaming experience] Tue, 30 Jun 2015 20:30:38 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on BiosFear [Atari Jaguar – Unreleased] by Ross Sillifant Tue, 30 Jun 2015 20:30:38 +0000 Well ASG certainly hyped the proverbial backside off this one.

Whilst it seems when asked about details regarding the gameplay of the Jaguar version, they could’nt give any details, instead they’ve been quoted as hyping up the custom 3D Polygon Engine they’d developed on PC and were said to be porting to Jaguar (no idea if they ever started, let alone finished said engine conversion).

They (apparently) claimed in terms of 3D Polygon model complexity that: Cybermorph (jaguar), Starfox (SNES), Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter were…’all crap’ compared to theirs :-)

Comment on Powerslide FX [SNES / 3DO – Unreleased] by Ross Sillifant Tue, 30 Jun 2015 00:17:44 +0000 Update:Whilst i never heard a word from those i attempted to contact, there’s been countless rumour/speculation over the years concerning the supposed Atari Jaguar version.

Some claim it was never started, just planned, others claim it was in the hands of Telegames, but like other titles they were sat on was never finished due to Telegames stopping all development work on future Jaguar titles after sales of existing Jaguar titles were unsatisfactory (Pete Mortimer 1999/2000).

All Steve Wilcox (Elite) would say when asked about it on an RVG interview was that it ‘may well be residing on a disc in Elites office’.

Far too vague to really get an angle on.It may be, then it might not and if it is? what exactly is the code? test routines? actual game code? if so how far along? Alpha stage?.

Sadly it was an answer that said something and yet nothing at the same time.

Comment on StarFox Armada / Assault [GC – Proto / Beta / Unused Stuff] by monokoma Mon, 29 Jun 2015 21:28:34 +0000 Thank you Dokapox! I loved Assault, especially in multiplayer, i hope that one day we could find out more about its development and what was changed :O

Comment on WarDevil [X360 PS3 – Cancelled] by Ross Sillifant Sun, 28 Jun 2015 18:30:58 +0000 Jim has also confirmed game also started out planned for GameCube and Xbox, before moving to PS3 and the E3 PS3 Demo (2005) was just a tech demo.Game never reached a playable stage.