Aliens: Colonial Marine [PS2 - Cancelled]

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Aliens: Colonial Marines is a first-person shooter video game that was to be released for the PlayStation 2 in Fall 2001, prior to being cancelled by Fox Interactive and Electronic Arts for unknown reasons. Aliens: Colonial Marines was to take place between the second and third films, when a rescue team of colonial marines and a salvage team go on a search-and-rescue mission for the missing United States Colonial Marines ship, Sulaco. When the Sulaco is found, the salvage team boards the ship, but the marines lose contact with them about twelve hours later.

The marine team docks with the Sulaco in an attempt to find the missing salvage team, but instead encounter Xenomorph aliens. The player is able to command up to four marines out of a group of twelve. Each marine has different personalities, skills, and abilities. Aliens: Colonial Marines is also the name of a series of Dark Horse Comics.

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5 thoughts on “Aliens: Colonial Marine [PS2 - Cancelled]

  1. gamer

    this would make a greate arcade game using the new motion sphere and if they changed the graphics/updated the ai

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